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WHAIWHAI New York: The Pegleg

4.7 ( 5897 ratings )
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개발자: LOG607 S.r.l.
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New York is full of hidden secrets. How would you like to start uncovering those secrets in a completely new way? With the WHAIWHAI iPhone app, exploring the Big Apple becomes an incredible adventure where you discover original anecdotes and fascinating places. It’s a series of stories about the most intriguing people and events associated with Manhattan and its history that will unveil the city’s authentic spirit before your eyes.

All you need to do is start the app. It will simply and instantly create an enigma-based itinerary just for you, and guide you through the different places step by step. The game plays out in a simple way: first, the app sends you a short story set in a particular place. You have to go to that place, because somewhere in that location is an enigma for you. As you go, the app will help you by telling you how far away you are from your destination. Once you get there, look for clues to solve the enigma. Don’t worry too much about answering incorrectly, because you get several tries, and even if you just can’t get the right answer, the app will let you move on to the next story anyway. The game continues from one story to the next, from one enigma to the next. But before you begin hunting for the solutions, immerse yourself in the storyline to get into the right mood. When you read the prologue, you’ll learn the story of the peg leg, which will play a leading role in your journey to explore New York. This WHAIWHAI app lets you play by yourself or in challenge mode with other people travelling around the city. Check out all the details – download it now!